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Common Core Learning Standards for ELA

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Visual Art Six Shifts in ELA alt

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The Arts and the Common Core: A Comparison of the National Core Arts Standards and the Common Core Standards

An Academic Language Primer for Art Teachers


View The Kennedy Center's Model Cornerstone Assessments (Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, and Dance) - See more at:
View The Kennedy Center's Model Cornerstone Assessments (Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, and Dance) - See more at:

Resources from Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor has shared with us his Power Point slides from his keynote address, How the Arts Can Thrive in an Era of Common Core, delivered at the 2014 NYSATA Conference. Click here alt to view the slides.

A Common Sense Approach to Common Core alt
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Art—PARCC Summary Format alt
Arts—PARCC Question Format I alt

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Rubric—PARCC Summary Format alt
Rubric—PARCC Question Format I alt

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Resources from Dr. Susan Lane

K-2 Common Core ELA and Math Standards Applicable to Art alt

3-5 Common Core ELA and Math Standards Applicable to Art alt

 6-8 Common Core ELA and Math Standards Applicable to Art alt

9-12 Common Core ELA and Math Standards Applicable to Art alt


Sample Unit Plan Materials

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Art and the Common Core

National Core Arts Standards (NCAS)

Bruce Taylor: How the Arts Can

Thrive in an Era of Common Core

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are now the agreed upon educational currency across the country for the coming decade. All Common Core standards can be modified through an artistic lens. Mr. Taylor’s approach to Common Core puts less of an emphasis on increasing the amount of content and more on what strategies can be employed with content from any art form and enable transfer into contexts that might not be arts specific or dependent.

Bruce Taylor“Within the next decade there will be a fundamental rethinking on how kids will learn and what they should be learning. Because of the adoption of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) across the country, there will be a shift from just knowing content to the transfer and manipulation of it. There will be more of a need for understanding rather than simple recall. Much of what kids will need to develop is how to think, create and communicate effectively. But these very same abilities are in reality arts skills! In order to succeed in an increasingly complex, conceptual, and globalized world kids will have to acquire skills that require them to analyze, interpret, evaluate and demonstrate understanding (among others)--skills artists have employed for centuries.

The irony is that a fundamental aspect of our humanity, contained in the 1% of our DNA that distinguishes us from chimps, is our very artistic capability to imagine what isn’t, create what wasn’t, and transmit the essence of ourselves to others of our species who exist only in the future. This is tied to the seminal means by which we communicate with each other through the transmission of narrative, proficiency with which is more and more imperative in our hyper-connected world.

The charge then is to significantly recalibrate how we teach the arts. Common Core gives us that opportunity. Because CCSS will require a different mind set in regard to teaching and learning; one that can be developed through the arts in ways that are not arts dependent. The challenge for education’s policy makers is to develop assessment tools that measure students’ ability to employ those “action” terms cited above; such as analyze, evaluate, delineate, develop, or demonstrate, which are replete throughout the Common Core State Standards and Cognitive Strategies.”

Bruce Taylor, Chicago 2012


Dr. Susan Lane

Dr. Susan LaneDr. Susan Lane is an art teacher at Clyde-Savannah High School. She earned her Ed.D in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. After 26 years teaching art, she expanded her role as art educator to include teacher mentor and instructional coach in 2013. 

Common Core Standards Applicable to Art:
Dr. Lane’s participation in the NYS Network Team Institutes and role as instructional coach provided her with an in-depth working understanding of ELA and Math Common Core Standards. Not all Common Core Standards can be integrated into art lessons and the documents are lengthy. Dr. Lane examined those Standards and pulled out the ELA and Math standards applicable to art in grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Transform Favorite Art Projects Into Rigorous, Standard Aligned Lessons
Why bother to write unit and lesson plans? Dr. Susan Lane’s presentation at the 2014 NYSATA Conference provided the answer to that question and suggestions on how to increase the rigor of those lessons by using Robyn Jackson’s Four Stages of Rigor and NYS Common Core ELA and Math Standards.

Designing Art Lessons with Rigor alt