Election 2021

The election has concluded for Vice President and Secretary.  
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Vice President

Donnalyn Shuster

Donnalyn Shuster will serve two years as Vice President, beginning July 1, 2020.
My vision for NYSATA and the Office of Vice President embodies clearly my personal mantra "Creative Energy at Work." Commitment to serving the needs of my fellow art educators, including advocacy for our programs, continues to be an important part of my mission within NYSATA. With our art educators continuing to teach in these intensely challenging and exhausting COVID times, and doing their utmost to meet the needs of their students in so many different settings, adapting, refining and creating new safety strategies to protect them, while facing new challenges daily one thing remains a constant for all. A strong support network that NYSATA provides for our members.

The need for quality professional development, advocacy strategies and quality resources for remote instruction is greater than ever in this COVID environment. Working from dawn to dusk, problem solving, multi-tasking, wearing more and more hats, dealing with exhausting schedules and class loads, shrinking budgets, technology, the constant state of change and the evolving social climate leaves our colleagues looking for answers and solutions. The importance of remaining connected to each other, and recharging our creative batteries is essential to our emotional and physical health.Despite the roller coaster year, we have endured, there is hope.

I believe that the new Visual and Media Arts Standards continue to open the doors for not only our students, but for us as educators as incorporate them plus the importance of social awareness and diversity into our curriculum. Districts are moving into Phase 2 of the rollout. Increasing numbers of districts embrace the benefits of District Membership for their art departments. PLC’s are growing as local examples of quality, teacher driven professional development opportunities. Our bonds with Higher Education and Museum Education Departments are becoming stronger. It has been my pleasure to bring on board SUNY Potsdam as a Conference Sponsor through a long-standing volunteer relationship with my alma mater, and engage the institution in a more active role within NYSATA.

As the world of art education with increasing complexities and challenges continues to evolve, where do we look to unlock future potential? How can we find advice, feedback and seek new direction? Where can we find mentors for the next generation of art educators? In what ways can we bring new members to the table? How can we serve the needs of our art educators with unique needs in all Regions of our state? What will it take for us, as art educators, to accomplish these monumental tasks successfully?

The answer lies within our NYSATA family and our wealth of talented and passionate members. Thanks to the work done over the last few years, we continue to grow and adapt to the everchanging climate of education. To sustain this momentum, we must engage more of our art educators and promote the value of membership. We need to increase our visible and engaged presence at the local and state level, building relationships with stakeholders and working to empower our teachers with the tools needed to promote and sustain programs. The vast resources of our emeriti art educators need to be viewed as a valuable asset to mentoring our youngest members entering the profession. The focus must continue on ways to capitalize on our annual conference, as the premier professional development opportunity for art educators, and engage our cultural institutions as support liaisons.

Our Regions form the foundation for our growth by encouraging emerging leaders at this level and serving local needs of our members. We are making our mark on the national stage as well with continued accolades for those in the NAEA School for Art Leaders Program, our award winning NYSATA News and Youth Art Month Program, and our art educators honored with divisional awards. Creating opportunities where non-existed, championing for initiatives, building learning opportunities for, students and educators and the community at large while advancing support for the value of strong art programs requires a greater team. Our talented and devoted NYSATA members are the catalyst for this kind of positive growth. As we look into the next decade, I would be deeply honored to continue my service to NYSATA, at the pleasure of our members, in the role of Vice-President for another term.

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Anastasia ArraigaAnastasia Arriaga will serve two years as Secretary, beginning July 1, 2020.
As a dedicated member of NYSATA I am privileged to have the opportunity to run again for the executive office position of Secretary. I currently serve in the role of Secretary, as well as a Conference Workshop Coordinator. I take profound pride in both of the positions I serve in because I believe in what NYSATA represents. I believe in the community that it builds and the resources that it provides for Art Educators around the state. During my time in the NYSATA community I have worked alongside some of the most inspirational leaders and friends. I hope to continue that work and I thank you for your consideration.

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Region Elections 2021

Elections are held for odd numbered regions in odd numbered years, and even numbered regions in even numbered years. If a position is vacant between elections, a candidate may be appointed by the Association President to fill out the term of that office.

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