2022 Election

State level positions up for reelection include President and Treasurer. Deadline for Voting is April 29, 2022
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Deadline for voting is April 29, 2022

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Carol Pinkans

CAROL PINKANS, President-Elect
Currently in my 35th of public education, I love being in the classroom teaching Visual & Media Arts to junior high students. Passionate is a word that all four of my building principals have used to describe who I am and what I do. I continually strive for excellence in the classroom, I act with integrity and I zealously advocate for updated curriculum and quality art education programs.

Having NYSATA as a professional organization early in my career has taught me the importance of giving back to one’s profession and, so much more. My volunteer work with NYSATA began in 1986, as an Art Education student at the College of Saint Rose. When Dr. Clahassey stated that we needed to be involved and volunteer, I did not envision that judging Fashion Design at the Olympics of the Visual Arts would be life altering, but it was. That 21-year-old me found a place where I was treated as a professional in the field and a place where my passion for the visual arts would have a lifelong journey. My leadership roles in NYSATA started in 1986 with Olympics of the Visual Arts, serving on the committee through 2010, with 15 years as Judge Coordinator and after an injury returning in 2012 as Lead Judge for Architecture through 2020. From 2016-2020, I served on Region 6 Executive Board as Vice-Chair. I began volunteering with the Legislative Exhibit in 2013 and in 2016, I was asked to Chair the Legislative Exhibit and while teaching during Covid, this has remained the focus of my volunteer work.

I have also volunteered for other committees and at numerous NYSATA events, throughout the years. NYSATA Programs have enabled me to understand importance of participation and partnerships. The Legislative Exhibit showcases student artwork and fosters relationships between Legislators and those who elect them into office. After meeting their Legislators at the exhibit reception, students have lasting memories and Legislators remember the importance of children’s artwork.

Portfolio Project instills the importance of Art as an Academic by having a body of work that represents Art as a Discipline. A Judge assesses the skill set and talent and the student receives an unbiased validation of the artwork, through a score, which creates a sense of self-worth as an artist, that is unparalleled. NYSSBA Exhibit advocates for the funding of quality Visual & Media Art Programs. On display during the Annual Board of Education Convention, student artwork from across the state visually speaks of the importance of Art Education for all grade levels.

Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA) is a fantastical journey that starts with students choosing a category, researching & brainstorming, creating a long-term project and creating a spontaneous project, all of which are judged by a mix of professional artists and teaching artists. Entries are celebrated during an Awards Ceremony and the validation that comes from student work being judged by a professional artist, is pinnacle. The energy at this competition is contagious. And, that energy is how I feel about attending the Annual Conference, regional events and workshops. I broaden my body of knowledge, develop new friendships, receive & give inspiration for new or improved projects, while happily mingling with other artist teachers. This is what NYSATA has meant to me and I am hoping that reading about my art education journey, members can find more ways to engage and be active in NYSATA.

My goals as President include encouraging members to engage and take advantage of what NYSATA has to offer. I encourage members to start with a simple connection, be that a program or event. Perhaps participate in the Art Challenge, register a slide of student artwork to one of the programs or attend a CTLE regional workshop. Also, to support. Members, volunteers, committees and the Board of Trustees collectively have hundreds of years of experience and knowledge, and NYSATA is there to support members. As President, I will also support the dedication and efforts of NYSATA members, regional & state executive boards, committees and Boart of Trustees members. And, to grow both in membership and what NYSATA offers as professional organization and with promoting quality art programs for all students.

Art Education is my passion and it would be my honor to serve as your NYSATA President-Elect. I ask that please consider voting for me during the 2022 election.

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Amanda DonovanAMANDA DONOVAN, Candidate for Treasurer
It is an honor for me to be able to run for NYSATA Treasurer. I have been an active member in Region 2 since graduate school and a conference-attending NYSATA member since I was an undergraduate in the Nazareth Art Education program. I have always considered myself more of a "left-brained artist," enjoying the more detail-oriented processes and tasks. It is for this reason that I believe the position of Treasurer is one in which I would do well.

I am currently the junior-senior high school art teacher at Marion Jr-Sr High School in Marion, NY. This position has helped me develop the skill which has proven necessary for us all: juggling many tasks at once. As mentioned above, I have been a member of NYSATA since 2010 and have gained so much valuable knowledge from conferences and the ability to connect with members state-wide. For the last four years I have served my region 2 team as our region treasurer, which has given me experience in working with state-level executives as well as my region leadership team. Prior to that I was an active participant in our region activities and have greatly enjoyed building friendships and collaborative relationships with my colleagues in the Greater Rochester area and beyond. I hope to continue to build those connections and further serve the association in the Treasurer role.

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