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Check out these great websites, which help spark ideas as well as provide active feedback from practicing educators. They can help pre-service teachers consider classroom management,learn from others’ first-hand experiences, and consider how to work with the standards by strengthening communications with their local teaching communities. Another important thing these resources provide are many ideas on lesson planning that will help pre-service teachers not only to consider the art skills that they already have, but to also think outside the box to help keep their students engaged and motivated.

NAEA’s Monthly Mentor Blog
This is a great feature on the NAEA website. Each month an experienced art educator shares advice about teaching, advocacy, being an artist-teacher, and much more, with posts are archived back to 2008!

TAB Teaching for Artistic Behavior
This is the site to go to for information on choice-based art education, featuring advice for supporting TAB practice, setting up studio centers, and resources for learning and advocacy.

This site provides incredible information on contemporary artists in multimedia form, with ideas for teaching with big ideas.

Spiral Art Education
This site, from the University of Illinois Chicago, includes innovative curriculum, articles on art education, and information on the Spiral Workshop’s approach to developing artmaking and critical thinking skills in teens.

The Teacher’s Corner
This website isn’t just for art teachers, but it’s a great resource for lesson plans, resources, worksheets, ideas for cross- disciplinary collaboration. 


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