We have gathered a list of resources for you as we move to connecting and teaching online. We are still vetting these, so please keep checking back, and let us know what you think! To make a submission, please contact NYSATA Vice President Donnnalyn Shuster at [email protected].

NYSATA can not guarantee that all resources ensure compliance with Education Law 2D. Teachers are responsible to be sure they protect the security and privacy of students.

Remote Teaching and Learning

Multi-Person Group Video Chat Services

  • Skype (100-person max, iPhone/Android/Computer & phone number call-in, screen-share)
  • Zoom Meeting (100-person, 40min max free-plan, iPhone/Android/Computer & phone number call-in, Recording feature saves meetings)
  • Google Hangouts (10-person max, iPhone/Android/Computer & phone number call-in)
  • Loom offering free accounts for educators and students
  • Socrative free to Schools through the end of July 2020
  • Showbie free to Schools through the end of July 2020


Communication Forums

  • Discord—Somewhat challenging to set up. YouTube tutorials here. An incredible free option for group communication, sending out updates, and keeping students accountable all in one place.
  • Facebook Groups—Not every student is going to have a facebook account, so not ideal, but very user friendly to set up and use. No phone notifications for announcement and messages like with Discord and Slack.


Museum Virtual Tours and Resources

Art and Lesson Resources for All Levels

Elementary Art


Middle Level Art


High School Visual Arts

High School Digital/Graphic/Media Arts


Feed the Artist/Art Teacher in You


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