NYSATA State Awards Chair

Members should submit completed regional awards nomination materials to your region chair by April 1 and all state awards nominations materials to the state Awards Chair by May 1 or the date indicated on the nomination form. Region chairs should forward all signed Region Awards materials by May 1 to the state Awards Chair:

c/o Edie Silver
Rochester City School District
131 West Broad Street
Rochester, NY 14614


2014 Conference Award Events

  • Friday Dinner: Ray Henry Award, Special Citation Award--Institution, Student Scholarship Winners
  • Saturday Dinner: New York State Art Educator of the Year Award
  • Sunday Brunch: Regional Art Educator of the Year Awards

2014 Award Winners

NYS Art Educator of the Year
Kathleen Pfeifer (Region 4)

Regional Art Educators of the Year
Region 1: no nominee
Region 2: Dr. Patricia Wheelhouse
Region 3: Michele Gorham
Region 4: Jill Karen Accordino
Region 5: no nominee
Region 6: Sue Kliza
Region 7: Sharon Ciccone
Region 8: Mario Asaro
Region 9: Elizabeth Nafte
Region 10: no nomineed

Raymond C. Henry Award
Jennifer Childress (Region 6)

Outstanding Service Award Retiree
no nominee

Special Citation Award–Member
no nominee

Special Citation Award–Business
no nominee

Special Citation Award--School/University
Dowling College (Region 10)

Special Citation Award–Non Member
no nominee

NYS Art Educator Winners

2014 Kathleen Pfeifer 9 (Region 4)
2013 Janice Oldak (Region 9)
2012 Dr. Margaret Johnson (Region 7)
2011 Shannon Elliott, Ed. D. (Region 2)
2010 Terry Crowningshield (Region 5)
2009 Beth Atkinson (Region 9)
2008 Anne Rickard (Region 9)
2007 Patricia Beary (Region 9)

Awards and Honors

NYSATA rewards commitment to excellence in art education among members and supporters of the art education community with a series of awards that are presented annually at the state conference.

NYSATA's New York State Art Educator of the Year Award
New this Year! Nominations for the New York State Art Educator of the Year Award are open to all.

At a 2014 Board Meeting, the NYSATA Board of Trustees voted to change the policy for selecting the individual to receive NYSATA’s most prestigious award. The pool of candidates will no longer be limited to the previous year’s Region Art Educator of the Year awardees. Nominations will be open to any individual member who meets the specific criteria for this most prestigious award. A previous or current Region Art Educator Awardee can be nominated for this award but the nomination must be made separately for this award.

Candidates for nomination must be members in good standing who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to the field of art education and to NYSATA over an extended period of years. These individuals must have practiced exemplary teaching, strong advocacy, and have made an impact on those around them in their school, region, and state as well as within the association.

Through personal devotion, compassion and helpfulness to students and colleagues, and commitment to supporting the field of art education, candidates for this award exemplify what it means to be the New York State Art Educator of the Year. Nominations for this award are due to the State Awards Chair by May 15.

The recipient of this award is recognized by the National Art Education Association each spring at the NAEA annual National Convention.

New York State Art Educator of the Year Nomination Form alt
Selection Criteria for NYS Art Educator of the Year Award

Regional Art Educator of the Year
Each of NYSATA's ten regions chooses one outstanding art educator to be awarded a plaque at the annual conference.  Each region's nominee must be a NYSATA member in good standing.  Criteria include outstanding contributions to the field of art education and service to the regional and state organization. Region awardees compete for the state level award for the following year.

Nominations due to Region Chair by April 1. Region Chairs will sign and forward Region awardee materials to the State Awards Chair by May 1.

Region Art Educator Nomination Form alt
Region Art Educator Selection Criteria

Raymond C. Henry Award
A grant of $500 is awarded annually to a NYSATA member to aid in the development of a specialized art education project or study which will benefit the individual and members of the art education profession.

All application materials due to State Awards Chair by May 15.

Raymond C. Henry Award Application Form alt
Raymond C. Henry Award Project Outline Requirements
Raymond C. Henry Award Description and Criteria

Outstanding Service Award Retiree
Awarded at the time of retirement for outstanding service to NYSATA. Nominee must be an active or associate member for at least 15 years prior to retirement. Regioins may choose to select a Regional awardee to honor within their region.  Each Region may submit one caondidate to the state awards committe for consideration for the State Outstanding Service Retiree Award, to be recognized at the annual conference.

Nominations due to State Awards Chair by May 15.

Outstanding Service Award Retiree Nomination Form alt

Special Citations for Member, Non-Member, Institution, or School District Member
Awarded to a member, non-member, institution/corporation, or school district/university that has made a significant contribution to art education. Recipients are presented with a plaque at the annual conference.

Nominations due to State Awards Chair by May 15.

Special Citation Awards Selection Criteria
Special Citation Member Nomination Form alt
Special Citation Non-Member Nomination Form alt
Special Citation Business or Institution Nomination Form alt
Special Citation School District/University Nomination Form alt

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For more information or answers to any questions you may have regarding the NYSATA Awards and Honors program, please contact our NYSATA State Awards Chair, Edith Silver at

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