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NYSSBA Exhibit

A great way to advocate and bring attention to your program…
The NYSATA sponsored New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) Exhibit is an annual art exhibit that brings attention to your students' work with members of local school boards at the School Board Association's annual conference. Student work is collected in June and displayed in October, at the NYSSBA conference hotel. A reception is held for student artists. All who participate are given a certificate. District Member schools receive a seal of distinction on their students' artwork.

Exhibit Dates: October 27-29, 2016
Buffalo Convention Center
153 Franklin Street Buffalo, New York 14202

Reception: Friday, October 28, 2016 4:30-5:30 PM
Entry Deadline: June 15, 2016

All participants must register online on the NYSATA website. Payments may be made online by credit card or mailed in the form of a check or school purchase order. Registrations with mailed payments will not be considered complete until payment or PO is received.

June 15 deadline is firm! All artwork and registration must be received by June 15.  Artwork received after June 15 will be returned.

Guidelines for submission:
This is a popular exhibit opportunity with limited space and a tight time frame for assembling and dismantling the exhibit. Please pay careful attention and abide by all instructions. Work that arrives late, is oversized, or otherwise not in compliance will not be hung.

  1. Membership: All participating teachers MUST be NYSATA members at the time of the exhibit. If you are a current member, you can check your membership expiration date by logging in with your Username and Password and using the View my Profile link on the Member Home page.
  2. Artwork: Each art educator may submit two artworks, 2-D only. NO PROJECTING OR LOOSE OBJECTS, PLEASE!
  3. Mounting: All work must be matted or mounted on mat board or heavy Bristol type board. NO CONSTRUCTION PAPER! NO FRAMES OR CANVAS STRETCHERS, PLEASE! 
  4. Size limitations: Maximum size including mat 20"x24". Borders should not exceed 2 inches beyond the artwork. Due to size limitation of display space, we can not accommodate individual or group projects or multiples mounted together on the same board. Smaller is better for this venue!
  5. Labels: All artwork must be labeled with student name and grade level, artwork title and media, school district, school, and teacher name. Printable labels for artwork will be automatically generated as part of your online receipt.  Please print labels on white paper and attach to the lower front right corner of the artwork and back of learning statement. Make sure labels are printed at a size that is legible. If you have trouble with our labels you may type your own. Please no handwritten labels.
  6. Statement of Learning Objectives: For each art work submitted, please write a brief, 3 to 4 sentence summary explaining what the student artist learned while completing this project that demonstrates connections. See details on the Learning Statement Template alt. Please paste this on the lower right hand side of the mat.
  7. Shipping: Ship in a strong, reusable carton. No CODs will be accepted. Shipping work together by district saves significantly on postage and enables us to get your work back to much quicker. Please remove all extraneous labels from boxes to avoid having work misdirected. Please do not send in an oversized box!!
  8. Fees: Fee is $25 per teacher for two works. You must register online. Payment may be made by credit card or by mailing a check or Purchase Order, payable to NYSATA. Send payments to NYSATA, 9200 Sixty Road, Phoenix, NY 13135. Complete payment instructions will appear on your online registration receipt.
  9. District Member Discount: If your district is a NYSATA member, your District's primary contact person should receive a discount code to share with you. District Member teachers should not register until they receive the discount code. Enter the code at the end of the form after clicking SUBMIT. The discount code will reduce the registration fee by 25% for teachers in District Member schools.
  10. Deadline June 15: Send labeled artwork and one copy of the registration form to
    BPS Art Department--NYSATA
    333 Clinton Street, Room 113
    Buffalo NY 14204
  11. Care and Handling of Artwork: The exhibit committee is made up of NYSATA members who are sensitive to the precious nature of your students' artwork. Extreme care will be used in handling and returning your work. NYSATA can not assume responsibility for accidental loss or damage. Please double check your return address for accuracy and make sure all pieces are securely mounted. Mail work in a sturdy, reusable carton that has no extraneous markings or labels.
  12. Questions? Contact 2016 Exhibit Coordinators Michelle Schroeder or Jan Dylewski


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