2017 Adjudication Sites

Registration fee is $15 per student.

Please register for a site in your NYSATA Region. Some regions have more than one adjudication site; please be sure that you register for the correct site. Register one student per form submission. Registration deadline is typically two weeks prior to the Region adjudication date.

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No adjudication sites


Training Workshop for Adjudicators    TBA

Portfolio Adjudication                           
May 19, 2018   (time TBA)                             
Nazareth College                                          4245 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14618            Contact Alyssa Lindstrom             



No adjudication sites

Portfolio Adjudication
Lansing High School
300 Ridge Road, Lansing, NY
Contact Jessica Stratton

Register NOW! Region 4 Site

Adjudication Training site                      TBA

Portfolio Adjudication

Contact Carol Vossler

Adjudicator Training Workshop

Tang Museum at Skidmore College
815 N Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY
Contact Kathleen Hallam-Bushek

Portfolio Adjudication
Tang Museum at Skidmore College
815 N Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY
Contact Kathleen Hallam-Bushek

Register NOW! Region 6 site

REGION 7 Dutchess
Portfolio Adjudication DUTCHESS SITE
Dutchess Community College
Poughkeepsie, NY
Contact Holly McCabe  

Register NOW! Region 7 DUTCHESS Site 

REGION 7 Middletown
Portfolio Adjudication MIDDLETOWN Site
May 19, 2017; 3-7 PM
Middletown HS
Contact: Dana Herm
Registration Deadline May 1
Register NOW! Region 7 MIDDLETOWN Site


REGION 7 Sullivan
Portfolio Adjudication Sullivan SITE

Liberty High School; Liberty, NY
Contact Brenda Sywalski

Register NOW! Region 7 SULLIVAN (Liberty HS Site)

Training Workshop for Adjudicators

Check back for more information!!
Portfolio Adjudication


coming soon!

Training Workshop for Adjudicators
McKenna Elementary School
Room 210 Art
210 Spruce Street
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
RSVP to Ellen Cervone

Portfolio Adjudication
Westfield Sunrise Mall, Massapequa, NY
Contact Jane Berzner
Registration Deadline April 15
Register NOW! Region 9 Site

Training Workshop for Adjudicators
Contact Cheryl Schweider

Portfolio Adjudication SITE A

Registration Deadline is FIRM. PLEASE honor the deadline. We will not be able to make exceptions.
Register NOW! Region 10 Site A BELLPORT HS

Portfolio Adjudication SITE B
Mattituck High School
15125 Main Road, Mattituck, NY 11952
Registration Deadline April 3

Registration Deadline is FIRM. PLEASE honor the deadline. We will not be able to make exceptions.
Register NOW! Region 10 Site B MATTITUCK


The Portfolio Project

The Portfolio Project is an initiative of NYSATA that was developed in cooperation with the New York State Education Department. It is an authentic assessment tool that is based on The New York State Learning Standards and provides students with an opportunity to present portfolios of their work at regional adjudication sites. The student portfolios provide evidence of understanding and student learning in the visual arts. Feedback is available for the student, parent, school, and community. The Portfolio Project can provide an authentic source for data on student success in the visual arts.

View THE NYSATA PORTFOLIO PROJECT promotional video to see what it's all about!

Guidelines for Participation:

  • Nominating art educator must be a current member of the New York State Art Teachers Association. Click here for information on becoming a member or renewing your membership.
  • Please check with your region coordinator to find out if there is a maximum number of students per teacher for your region.
  • Submit one completed registration form for each student, along with the $15.00 payment per student, made payable to NYSATA.
  • Distribute Student/Teacher Directions and Adjudication Guidelines and assist students in the process of preparing for the review.
  • After the student has registered, a confirmation will be sent to you by the site coordinator. The confirmation will indicate the review time for each student. You will also receive travel directions to the adjudication site for your region.
  • DO NOT MAIL ARTWORK. All students must bring their artwork to the adjudication site at the appointed time and personally present their portfolios.
Support Materials:

Parent Letter alt

Portfolio Project Overview & Power Point Show alt
Contains all the information you need to get started

Portfolio Project Promotional Brochure alt
A full color brochure that provides an overview of the Portfolio Project as a valuable assessment tool. A great resource to share with administrators and teachers in your district.

Detailed Instructions
Elementary Level Guidelines alt
Middle Level Guidelines alt
Commencement Level Guidelines alt
Elective Level Guidelines alt
Major Sequence Level Guidelines alt


Contact NYSATA Portfolio Project Chair, Christine Steger for more information.

We invite you to see what the adjudication process looks like in action! Take a look at our Portfolio Project Galleries.

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