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The NYSATA News is a publication that contains information vital to the field of art education in New York State. In addition to timely articles, advocacy information and current news about NYSATA initiatives is included. Three digital issues per year are published, along with one print issue (Conference Edition) that is mailed in the Fall.

Inside the Current Issue: Discovering Connections

  • Reflections On The First Year Journey Into Choice
  • The Book Mark: Media and Books Review
  • Technology: The Connected Classroom
  • Discovering Connections Through Arts Integration
  • Discovering Connections Together
  • Exploring the Importance of Visual Literacy
  • Call for Award Nominations
  • NYSATA Art Educator of the Year Acceptance Speech
  • NYSATA 2015 Conference Highlights
  • Impressions of a First Time Conference Attendee
  • Discover National Youth Art Month

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