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The Curriculum Committee Seeks LESSON SPARKS for Sharing
The 2017 NYS Learning Standards for the Arts support us in re-focusing and re-emphasizing the reasons we humans make art. The intersection of art and life is where authentic art is made. The Standards are a support system to help art teachers create space for students to communicate thoughts, ideas, and emotions about art and life. In designing the most effective learning experiences, while the teacher is the person charged with delivering the content, the student is the person who shapes how best to teach that content.*

In support of meaningful learning and making in the art room, the NYSATA Curriculum Committee introduces Lesson Sparks, a call to the NYSATA membership. The goal is to gather and share meaningful and relevant creative problems you have designed for your students that are anchored and inspired by the 2017 NYS Learning Standards for the Arts. 

* Emdin, C. (2016). For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood... and the Rest of Y'all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education. Boston, MA: Beacon Press. 

Shannon Elliott, EDD and Robert Wood
NYSATA Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs
[email protected] 


Inspire Others! Submit today. 

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To submit, you will need:

  1. A brief bio, no more than 600 words 
  2. A head and shoulders image of yourself 
  3. Title and description of the learning activity
  4. A link to a Google folder with lesson materials (slideshow, lesson plan, links, samples of student work, release forms, etc.) IMPORTANT: A Media Release Form is required for each student whose image, information, or artwork is submitted.