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NYSCATE Maker Summit : March 24, Desmond Hotel, Albany 9-6 pm. For information and registration refer to :

If there is a STEAM happening near you please share it by sending the information to [email protected]

Resources and Links

 STEAM Position/Purpose Statement 

EducationCloset | Arts Integration and STEAM Resources



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Welcome Message

The NYSATA STEAM Committee welcomes you to indulge in our resources and opportunities
as we continue to grow and explore on our STEAM journey. The divergent , rich experiences that are unique to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Education can unquestionably provide students a higher quality, more balanced, learning experience.  

As Visual Art Educators, it is our role to uphold the "A" in STEAM giving it the creative breath of life, helping to ground it with solid design principles, or adding functional style with aesthetics. We actually do all of this while challenging our students in visual thinking skills and creative problem solving.  This makes us natural collaborators for STEAM.

STEAM is an arena where all are on an equal playing field and the players are on the same team; when it is done correctly.  I encourage you to collaborate, network, and techwork! If you are currently involved in STEAM, full STEAM ahead.  If you are a beginner, try one of our recommended resources.  

By all means, STEAM ON!

Kathleen Hallam-Bushek, NYSATA STEAM Chair


In acknowledgement of all STEAM presenters at the 2016 NYSATA Conference:

Well done! All work shops were excellent quality run by knowlegable professionals. An asset to an already awesome conference!



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