STEAM is an integrated approach to education that is infused with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each component supports the others equally to offer students access to a rigorous program of study that demands the hands-on engagement, critical and creative thinking, and 21st Century Skills necessary for college and career readiness. The Visual Arts component offers an integral, innovative element to STEAM through engagement in the creative process and an understanding of how art and design principles, concepts, and techniques influence the effectiveness of solutions to problems.

STEAM education is compatible with learning in the Visual Arts in that both employ higher level thinking strategies including creative problem solving and application of design principles, concepts, and techniques. Artists and designers who have experience with STEAM play an important role in generating innovation across many different fields. Through a substantial visual arts program, students can develop the creative problem solving and visual thinking skills needed to be successful in any STEAM related career.

Steam thrives on collaboration, and Art Educators are often familiar with that concept. Gathering resources, making connections, reaching out to the community, and seeking professional collaborations are all habits Art Educators regularly need to practice.  A good STEAM program cannot excel without an art program dedicated to excellence.  An excellent STEAM program capitalizes on critical thinking skills and empowers students to own their learning experience and seek out opportunities to extend their learning.

Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic has been challenging for all.  STEAM education is adaptable in such an environment, as technology is one of its components.  Automation, web design, and virtual interactivedesign applications are only a few STEAM areas which can offer students valuable learning/engagement opportunities using their Art+ skills.  It is important for students to understand that art is intertwined with all areas of life, and art education overlaps all other content areas in the curriculum. Art Educators can help students make these valuable connections. 

This page offers STEAM resources, including links to obtain STEAM funding, certification/education, and ieas/opportunities for students. Consider incorporating STEAM in your classroom a little—or a lot!  

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