Olympics of the Visual Arts

OVA 2016 EmblemNYSATA annually hosts a creative problem-solving event in which student teams of one or more enter a long-term design solution in one of eight categories and participate in an on-demand design prompt. Teams present a portfolio along with their entry to showcase the research, planning and iterations that led to the final design. This friendly and spirited competition among students across the state is a wonderful way for students to interact with other student artists and together celebrate creativity.On this page you will find links to the  2021 Event Summary and the Design Problems (carried over from 2020). Please read both documents carefully. Required registration and inventory webforms will be linked soon.

ADVISING TEACHERS will need to coordinate with district colleagues to register the school district to participate in OVA 2021.

REGISTRATION DUE February 12, 2021
A registration web form will be completed to confirm the total number of teams from the district. This year a registration fee of $15 per team is required paid by check or purchase order (Credit Card Payment or Check/Purchase order payable to NYSATA.)

IMPORTANT! Districts may only enter 1 team in each category per level. Levels are Grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12.

STUDENTS will work with their classmates and advising teacher to decide on a category to work in. Documenting the brainstorming, research, and planning is a requirement of the submission process, so it is strongly recommended you maintain records as you work.  This may include cited sources, webpage links, images of sketches, photos of in-process work and building, etc. The portfolio of evidence and the finished design solution will be presented digitally this year in a Google Slideshow following a required format. A template will be provided prior to the submission deadline.

Digital submissions due on or before April 23, 2020.Virtual awards reception & on-demand design May 7, 2021 at 3 PM.

INTERESTED JUDGES are invited to email us at [email protected].  A webform link will soon be available to confirm your willingness to support our NYS art students in this event.


 2020 OVA Virtual Event

2021 Solution Slide Template
COMING SOON! Click Here to Submit Solutions 

Registration is now closed. Registered teams may document their solution using the Solution Slide Template. Follow the instructions in the slide template to add your solution and team information. Team leaders should send the link to their completed slide show to the the District Primary Contact teacher. The Primary Contact Teacher, in turn, may submit the links and team information for each team in one submission form. 

2021 OVA Event Overview
2021 OVA Design Problems
Sample Scoring Rubric
Media Release Form
OVA Judge Volunteer Registration


Ova 2019 Awards Show
from Cindy Henry

Questions? Contact Roger Hyndman or Anne Manzella at [email protected].

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