Olympics of the Visual Arts

OVA 2016 EmblemCelebrating our 39th Year!!!
The Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA) program provides an opportunity for students to participate in individual or group artistic problem solving. A new series of problems is posed every fall. Students create long-range solutions at their schools. There are awards for each of the problem categories at every level.

Teachers who can't participate in the live OVA event are welcome to use the problems in their classrooms, conduct a "mini-OVA" in their own district, or sponsor regional events. Artistic problem solving is a great way to get students learning, experiencing and creating!

We are developing a special virtual format for the annual Olympics of the Visual Arts Event this year, and we should have information to post late this Fall.

Ova 2019 Awards Show
from Cindy Henry

Questions? Contact Roger Hyndman or Anne Manzella at [email protected].

Artifacts and History

2016 OVA Program Video

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