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NYSATA scholarships are open to any graduating senior who is a student of a NYSATA member, intends to pursue a career in visual arts, and has been accepted by an art school or college art program.

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Questions? Contact Student Scholarships Chairperson at [email protected]

2016 Winners

Zara B. Kimmey Award $1000
Alex S. Atkinson
Northport High School, Northport, NY
Attending SUNY Purchase, Visual Arts Interdisciplinary, BFA
Robin O’Neill-Gonzale, Art Teacher
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Bill Milliken Award $500
Anna E. Voss
Cherry Valley–Springfield Central School District, Cherry Valley, NY
Attending The Fashion Institute of Technology, School of Art and Design
Teressa Adams, Art Teacher
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Aida Snow/Elaine Goldman Award $500
Luviannie Morales
Attending The Fashion Institute of Technology, Advertising and Marketing Communications (AAS)Deborah Ross, Art Teacher
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Aida Snow/Elaine Goldman Award $500
Denice M. Guillermo
Bellport Senior High School, South Country, Brookhaven, NY
Attending SUNY University of Buffalo, Art, BA
Suzette Fandale, Art Teacher
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Scholarships for High School Seniors

An important facet of NYSATA's mission is to support students who wish to pursue higher education in the visual arts. NYSATA currently awards the following four scholarships each year.

The Zara B. Kimmey Scholarship ($1000), named for a founding member of NYSATA, and the Bill Milliken Scholarship ($500), named for a long-time representative of Binney and Smith, have enabled many students to help purchase supplies and supplement tuition. These one year awards were established in honor of two NYSATA members who provided exemplary service to the field of art education. Zara B. Kimmey was the founder of NYSATA and the first Art Education Associate in the New York State Education Department. Bill Milliken, a Vendors' representative on the NYSATA board encouraged generous support for art education from the manufacturers and distributors of art materials.

The Elaine Goldman and Aida Snow Scholarships (2 scholarships at $500 each) were generously endowed by Ms. Snow and Ms. Goldman. Ms. Elaine Goldman is a retired LIATA/Nassau member who continues to participate at the regional level, and is a frequent presenter at the state conference. Regretfully Ms. Aida Snow has passed away, but she has left a legacy of enabling NYSATA to help visual art students in New York State pursue their dreams.

These scholarships are open to any graduating senior who is a student of a NYSATA member, intends to pursue a career in visual arts, and has been accepted by an art school or college art program. The award is presented at the annual NYSATA convention in November of each year. Winning students and their parents or guardians are invited to the awards ceremony as guests of the Association. For students who cannot attend the ceremony, other arrangements are made for payment of the awards.

Scholarship winners are determined by a committee composed of NYSATA members from at least three different NYSATA regions. The Zara B. Kimmey scholarship of $1000 will be awarded to the student in first place. Winners shall be determined based on their demonstration of commitment to the visual arts; development of a personal voice or vision; and evidence of mastery of the elements and principles of design in a range of media.

Please use the Application Form and Checklist in the right column to apply. The completed application, along with all required materials, must be postmarked by May 31. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Awardees will be notified by the end of June.


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