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Your membership is vital to NYSATA. We need your financial support and active participation in order to provide opportunities for students and teachers across the state. Membership in NYSATA enables you to participate in all of the statewide programs and initiatives that we offer, and also provides you with a regional membership that allows you to take part in a host of local events.

Why Join NYSATA?
By becoming a member of NYSATA your voice becomes part of the chorus supporting the arts in our state. Membership dollars have helped support programs of advocacy, education and service to the arts. Please join us so that these programs and others like them can continue.

Being a member of NYSATA means

  • You want to support quality art education for students of all ages and abilities.
  • You want to be a part of the only active network that provides VISIBILITY, LEADERSHIP, and RESOURCES for art educators. Teaching art can be a lonely activity. Professional isolation could marginalize the improvement of your teaching. NYSATA can provide a supportive network, providing feedback and opportunities to reflect on better ideas and approaches for teaching art.
  • You are helping to provide advocacy for the profession of art education. Your support allows us to voice concerns to the decision-makers of our state with regard to policies and legislation that effect art education.
  • Your support makes regional networking programs as organized by your own region representative possible.
  • You can be in touch with professional art teachers all over the state through e-mails, meetings and workshops with people in your area.
  • You can attend a yearly professional development conference to keep your skills honed and provide opportunities for a rejuvenated teaching and a renewal of collegiality. An excellent opportunity to network and compare notes with sympathetic and understanding fellow art teachers.

To continue to be a part of these great programs, join or renew your NYSATA membership today! If you are a current member, you can check your membership expiration date by checking your mailing label on the most current issue of NYSATA News or by logging in to  the website and clicking the View My Profile Link on the Members Welcome Page.




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