The NYSATA News is a publication by members for members. It contains information and articles vital to the field of art education in New York State. Advocacy information and current news about NYSATA initiatives are also included. Three digital issues per year are published, along with one print issue (Conference Edition) that is mailed in the Fall.

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Current Issue: Making It Happen, Making it Better

School’s out, and just in time for your summer reading list, an insightful and illuminating bounty of articles—written by your peers and administrators—are in the summer issue of the 2021 NAEA award winning NYSATA News, now online! After a year that was filled with social issues that demand attention and action, here are voices that explore the ways art teachers are culturally responsive. Read articles by your colleagues and leaders who share their practice as they moved themselves to places that understood and related to their students’ lives and spaces. Listen to their stories, appreciate their insights, and keep up to date with our discipline and practice as we enjoy the sun and relax.

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NYSATA News 2021 Spring Summer Edition

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