Commercial & College Exhibitors

Our Commercial Exhibitors/College Showcase area typically features over 50 exhibitors. We welcome commercial, college, and non-profit exhibitors whose products and services are targeted to art educators. Exhibitors are encouraged to conduct workshops to maximize their contact with conference attendees.


Top Ten Reasons to Participate

Trying to decide whether to exhibit this year? Here are the top ten reasons to keep the NYSATA conference on this year's exhibition calendar:


We’re keeping our price the same as last year for all repeat vendors!


Commercial exhibitors are encouraged to provide workshops to maximize interaction with conference attendees.


We’re keeping registration fees low to encourage attendance! 


We’re back downstate to meet and greet the largest portion of our membership! 


Renowned keynotes and an already full workshop schedule are stimulating pre-registration!  


The Rye Town Hilton is a state-of-the-art conference center and will attract quite an audience!


All NY State schools are required to provide professional development and many are using conference attendance to fulfill this mandate!


Fewer NY school districts are allowing teachers to attend out of state conferences (like National) due to travel expense! 


Vendor exclusive time in the conference schedule on Friday and Saturday! 


Free coffee and bagels every morning in the exhibit area.

If you need further information, please contact Patricia Groves

See you in November!