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Past NYSATA Presidents

1949-1950 Bernard J. Rooney
1950-1951 Joseph Page
1951-1952 Elbert W. Ryerson
1952-1953 A. Morton Raych
1953-1954 Marjorie A. Lush
1954-1955 Larry Argiro
1955-1956 Ernest Flemming
1956-1957 Emma Lange
1957-1958 Frederick A. Pilkington
1959-1960 E. George Weinheimer
1960-1961 Lynn I. Phalen
1961-1962 Mitchell H. Siegel
1962-1963 Otto W. Edkin
1963-1964 E. Clyde Snyder II
1964-1965 Viggo Holm Madsen
1965-1966 Elizabeth Lester
1966-1967 Phillip S. Wells
1967-1968 Dionis G. Owen
1968-1969 Carmen H. Gallego-Koefoed
1969-1970 Barbara Schillawski Mautz
1971-1972 Phyllis B. Nelson
1972-1973 Dr. Kishio Matoba
1973-1974 Richard A. Ryan
1974-1975 Patricia R. Feinberg Mannheimer
1975-1976 Carl E.D. Schnidt
1976-1977 Ellen M. Garvey Besstak
1977-1978 Roger Hyndman
1978-1979 Nelson DiGregorio
1979-1980 Jean Hamilton Burgess
1980-1981 Paul Newell
1981-1982 Jessie Ann Griffing
1982-1983 Jean Koran
1983-1984 Ernest Savaglio
1984-1985 John R. Rogers
1985-1986 Harry J. Posnanski, Jr.
1986-1987 Arlene Wulkan
1987-1988 Dr. Prabha Sahasrabudhe
1988-1989 Sylvia Corwin
1989-1990 Cynthia A. Wells
1990-1991 Joan Davidson
1991-1992 Dr. Michael E. Parks
1992-1993 Dr. Hope Irvine
1993-1994 Bunny Steinman
1994-1995 Frank Cittadino
1995-1996 Rosemarie Cardoso
1996-1997 Dr. Patricia Barbanell
1997-1998 Jennifer Childress
1998-1999 Lisa Lawson
1999-2001 Jessica Bayer
2001-2003 Mitchell Visoky
2003-2005 Jane Berzner
2005-2007 Dr. Gary Bates
2007-2009 Patricia Groves
2009-2011 Cindy Henry
2011-2013 Edith Silver
2013-2015 Thom Knab
2015-2017 Robert Wood
2017-2019 Sharon Ciccone
2019-2021 Valerie Savage


Past Presidents Pre-Service Scholarship

The NYSATA PATRICIA H. GROVES Past Presidents Scholarship Award is intended to encourage leadership and foster dedication to the field of art education. This $500 cash award is awarded annually to a deserving pre-service student enrolled in an accredited visual art education program (from both private and public educational institutions) in New York State. Candidates for this award must meet specific criteria that include recommendation by an art education program faculty member, maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher, excellence as an artist, and must be scheduled to student teach within a year of the award.

This scholarship was made possible by the generous support of many past presidents. These founding members are all past presidents of NYSATA. For a complete list of donors please see the NYSATA website. Proposed by Patricia Groves (Past President 2007-2009), this award will be the first scholarship given to go to an art education pre-service student. The NYSATA Past President’s Scholarship Award will serve as a legacy to all of these dedicated individuals who gave so much of themselves to NYSATA and to the field of art education. 

An Application Form and Checklist of supporting material have been provided and may be copied as many times as needed. Please use both forms in making your submission. The completed application, along with all required materials, must be postmarked by May 31 of each year. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Notification of awards will be sent out by February 1 each year.