2023 Student Art Exhibit

This year, the NYSATA Student Exhibit both online and in person at the conference! This exhibit is a great way to share and showcase your students’ artwork. Let us help you celebrate your amazing student artists!

How to participate:

  • Participating teachers must be members of NYSATA who are attending the 2023 conference.
  • Register by submitting your online exhibit on the NYSATA website. We will reserve exhibit space for you at the conference.
  • Space is limited. Registration closed November 3 or when space is filled to capacity, whichever comes first. 
  • Google slide template provided for online exhibit.
  • Limit 25 slides, one artwork per slide.
  • At the conference, fill a board 4’ x 8’ coroplast panel with student work (it’s ok if the in person exhibit doesn’t exactly match the number of works in the online exhibit).
  • Artworks need to be appropriately mounted and labeled.
  • Install work starting at 10 am Friday and installed no later than 10 am Saturday.
  • Display must be dismantled by 10 am Sunday.

We will send you the link to the online NYSATA Student Exhibit for you to share with your Administration, students, families and community so they can help celebrate your artists too! 

Your students will be honored with a certificate for their participation. As their art teacher, you will also receive a certificate for your time and effort placed into showcasing your students’ artwork in the exhibit. 

Questions? Please contact 2023 NYSATA Conference Student Art Exhibit Coordinator, Heather McCutcheon at [email protected].

The student art exhibit is a conference event. It is free to NYSATA Members who register for the conference.Include up to 20 pieces in your online exhibit and bring a selection of artwork with you to fit your reserved 4x8 panel at the Binghamton Doubletree live exhibit.

Get the Google Slides Template

Our template link will automatically force you to make copy. Work directly on the copy, following the instructions on Slide 2, then change the file name, get a sharing link, and submit.

Click Here for Slide Template

Register by Submitting a Link to Your Slides

Please check that sharing is allowed outside your school or organization. The share link need to be set up so "anyone on the internet can view."

Click Here to Submit