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NYSATA 73rd Annual Conference
November 19-21, 2021

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Challenging Assumptions, Redrafting Priorities, & Reinventing Practice in Art Education

Over the past year, art educators have taken on the challenges of rethinking Visual and Media Arts teaching and learning in the context of a Pandemic. The limitations imposed by the Pandemic have left teachers grasping for new ways to address the social/emotional needs of students as well as managing self-care. Many have been forced into an unfamiliar world of virtual learning. As school districts slash budgets and identify “essential curriculum,” advocacy is needed more than ever to inform decision-makers about the essential and unique skills students gain from learning in the arts.

In the midst of those circumstances, the systemic racism and socioeconomic divide that plague our nation’s past and present have taken center stage as never before. Teachers are challenged to confront their own and student’s assumptions, find and foster empathy, reconstruct history from diverse vantage points, foster equity and student voice, and become facilitators of social justice. 

Outside the Lines is the theme of the 2021 NYSATA Conference
 NYSATA seeks workshop proposals that
  • Present innovative solutions to the obstacles of teaching under constraining conditions 
  • Embrace new platforms and methods for teaching in a digital world 
  • Foster the social emotional health and well-being of students and/or educators
  • Provide resources for and connections to a diverse body of relevant contemporary artists and work
  • Encourage culturally responsive practice and promote access and equity
  • Challenge assumptions about race, class, and social structure and suggest avenues for change
  • Encourage student choice and develop student voice
  • Empower art educators to engage their own artistic practice to inspire and refresh their teaching and promote self-care
  • Promote the power of art-focused professional learning communities to revitalize and reconceptualize teaching and learning in the Visual and Media Arts
  • Generate advocacy strategies for prioritizing the arts as essential curriculum and retaining funding for arts programs in schools
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